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PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 for your health

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Healthy nutrition and regular exercise are prerequisites for physical and mental well-being.

If you want to do something good for your health, look first at your diet, and consume less fat, more fiber. Nutritionists recommend a daily fiber intake of at least 30g, which is almost twice as much as an adult eats on average. PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 is ideal for adding fiber to the daily diet.

Regularly consuming PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 helps to control cholesterol levels. Blood sugar level fluctuations are reduced – essential, particularly for people with diabetes. Meals enriched with PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 saturate quickly due to the increased fiber content and help to cope with weight gain problems. The fibers also absorb liquid and swell strongly, preventing constipation. PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 is naturally gluten-free (<5ppm) and thus offers a valuable contribution to a fiber-rich diet for gluten intolerance. Unlike oats or wheat bran PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5 does not affect the absorption of iron and zinc.

PEKTOS BEET FIBER BF 5, with its water binding capacity of 5 g of water per 1 g of fiber, is available in a range of particle sizes from very fine to coarse, un-milled, and even as rolled flakes.