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Stand-up and Flat-bottom Pouch packaging

PEKTOS now offers contract packing into Stand-up Pouches/Doypacks and Flat-bottom Pouches on our own machine.

If you are looking for a way to package your food or pet food products more quickly, efficiently, and affordably, you should consider a stand-up pouch (also called doypack) or flat-bottom pouch packaging.

Stand-up and flat-bottom pouches are a type of flexible packaging that is sustainable, easy to customise and an excellent solution for many products and industries. The pouches can be created from a single or several layers of different types of materials, come in many sizes and can be customised to fit the product, and they can include extra features such as spouts, valves, punched handles and more. Pouch packaging is designed to operate hands-free, which limits contact with the food product and makes the packaging process fast and affordable.

– Flexible, efficient, good value.
– Efficient mixer.
– Allergen-free, gluten-free.
– Powders, granules, coarse-grained products.
– Large and small batches/production runs.
– Fill sizes from 100 g/ml to 1,500g/ml.
Various pouch sizes and measures are possible.
– Coding.
– Carton and pallet packaging.

Call +41 79 605 56 01 or e-mail Ulrich Zuber We will be happy to discuss your packaging projects in detail.