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Application Data Sheet: Carrot and Citrus Fiber in Tomato-Based Sauces

Our new ‘ADS’ for the use of PEKTOS Carrot Fiber KF 15 C and Citrus Fiber CF 1525 C is now available.

Tomato sauce/ketchup and tomato-based sauces are among many dishes’ most popular and essential ingredients. Some are made without texturising ingredients, and the consistency and firmness come from the tomatoes themselves, their cell wall components being responsible for water binding and structure. Raw material in those products is double or triple concentrated tomato paste.

Non-premium and cheaper products with a lower content of tomato paste usually contain texturising or binding agents.

Carrot Fiber or Citrus Fiber can replace tomato paste or texturising ingredients to compensate for the sauce’s lack of firmness and viscosity caused by the reduced use of tomato paste, similar to the natural consistency building with tomato paste.

Please download the ADS from the website in the ‘APPLICATIONS‘ tab under ‘Delicatessen, Sauces, Fine Foods‘, or use the button below.