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PEKTOS Citrus Fiber CF 1525 – Functional Fiber

PEKTOS CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 – high water-binding capacity plus significant gelling ability.

CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 is 100% pure and undiluted citrus fiber, made in Germany from South American specially treated and processed citrus peels.

The peel treatment weakens the strong bonds between the hemicellulose, the pectin, and the proteins and sugars naturally occurring in the citrus peels and leads to an improved water-binding capacity through an expanded fiber matrix.

CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 is rich in soluble fiber, predominantly high ester pectin, which remains functional and gels in high solids and low pH conditions.

CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 is a natural, clean-label, multi-functional dietary fiber suitable for various food products through its high fiber content, excellent water-binding and moisture retaining capacity, and the texture it creates and provides.

PEKTOS CITRUS FIBER is a fine (CF 1525 C) or super-fine (CF 1525 A) powder, beige with a yellowish tinge and a weak citrus note.

CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 ideally complements the other PEKTOS fibers like CARROT FIBER KF 15 C and APPLE FIBER AF 3 C, adding specific and unique product properties to the range.