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PEKTOS BF – Sugar Beet Fibers: Different Particle Sizes and Shapes

Different particle sizes and shapes include fine/medium-fine powders, granules, and unrolled or rolled flakes.

For innumerable applications and unlimited variety in the creation of appearance, bulk, volume, texture, form and stability.

Food producers today use vegetable or plant fibers in countless applications because of their fiber content and water-binding capability. A large variety of such fibers from different sources is available to the food producer these days, but mostly these fibers come in the form of more or less fine powders.

In many applications like e.g. stuffings, coatings, processed meat, cereals, fruit, fitness and cereal bars, fillings, bread, weight loss products or meal replacers and many more; however, product development might prefer to have the option of using fibers with a specified coarse particle size, a granular type or even distinct shapes like rolled flakes. These permit the creation of different textures, appearances, bites or forms; they can add volume or stability to a product, or, e.g. in whole-grain bread or a cereal product, could match the form and mouth-feel of the grains used.

PEKTOS BF, granules, unrolled and rolled flakes after swelling

PEKTOS BF Sugar Beet Fibers are available in a range of powders from superfine to fine, but above all, also in the form of granules, unrolled and rolled flakes, with unchanged water-binding capacity, fiber content and insoluble/soluble fiber ratio. The granules and flakes take up the available moisture right away and swell quickly. They are also able to withstand a good deal of mechanical treatment, like mixing and forming, without losing their integrity and shape.