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PEKTOS Carrot Fiber KF 15 C – with unique functionality

The high water-binding capacity combined with a powerful swelling capacity provides superior functionality and ease of use.

CARROT FIBER KF 15 C, without a doubt, is one of the most interesting plant-based texturisers right now, for its very high water-binding capacity paired with an outstanding swelling capacity, the superior pulpiness and pasty texture it provides, the light colour, appealing taste and flavour, but also because of its sustainability and low cost-in-use.

CARROT FIBER KF 15 C is 100% pure carrot fiber from carrot pulp after juice processing, with fine particle size.

CARROT FIBER KF 15 C: for many of your stabilisation, water binding, structure, texture, firmness, freshness and insoluble & soluble fiber needs.

CARROT FIBER KF 15 C ideally complements the other PEKTOS fibers like CITRUS FIBER CF 1525 and APPLE FIBER AF 3 C, adding specific and unique product properties to the range.